Coca-Cola GBS adopts service design thinking methodology to deliver excellence in customer service, focusing on hiring and onboarding. Global welcome pack for new hires was identified as a crucial deliverable of the Customer Centric Services by
Design initiative - a team of Coca Cola service designers, project managers and art directors.
We have been asked to take care of graphic design and animation content for the Coca-Cola welcome pack website and to be a part of the Coca-Cola Customer Centric Services by Design.
What guidelines and references we have used? - Project background, scope and objectives as outlined in a communications
brief shared with representatives of the communications, HR and UX teams in Atlanta. The brief was developed to keep the creative team ‘on the message’ and states that: The global welcome pack will be located within the Coca-Cola Journey website and should be aligned with its general look and feel and follow editorial and visual guidelines developed for the site.
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